Thursday, March 5, 2009


One more shot from the Domes today... this one from the Tropical Dome. The temperature was somewhere close to 60 here today, so it sure felt tropical, at least compared to what we've had lately. Next week, we'll be taking Milwaukee Daily Photo on its first road trip, to Spring Training... after today, I'm ready to get on the plane and go!


Hilda said...

This is just gorgeous! I love the pattern of the dome, the lush green plants and that beautiful blue sky!

Purpletoes said...

When you head to Phoenix you should check out the Desert Botanical Gardens. Tons of photo opportunities. The Chihuly glass exhibits are really cool lit up at night. We were there last week taking in some games and this was one of my favorite side trips.

Sarah said...

Gorgeous! Now I really want to go to the domes soon!