Sunday, September 14, 2008

Miller Park - Home to Refugees Again

In the wake of Hurricane Ike, Milwaukee and Miller Park will be home to the Houston Astros and Chicago Cubs for one game tonight and one game tomorrow afternoon. While I'm glad that we have the opportunity to host the games, I'm not so excited that the Cubs are involved. Well, at least it's a chance to get some of the money back that we spend on tolls whenever we cross the state line headed south. I find it interesting that the tickets will be sold at "marquee game" rates of $25-$60, instead of the $10 that it cost last spring when we hosted Cleveland and Los Angeles. Since it looks like the Astros will be receiving the ticket revenue, perhaps they recognized an opportunity as well.

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wfbdoglover said...

That is interesting that the tickets will be sold at normal prices. The $10 Cleveland/LA game was an opportunity and I was glad to send my entire family there to go see it.

Maybe they think all the Cubs fans will drive up and pay those prices. I know I won't.